It’s Real People, Interesting & Hilariously Shocking Dating & Relationship Talk Show for Singles & Couples of All Ages! 

“Single On A Saturday Night” is a 30-minute show  lead by Real People, with Real Answers and Real Stories about Dating, Cheating, Separation, Love, Abuse, Marriage, Jealousy, Divorce and more.  This friendly but bold, outspoken, diverse panel of women and men of varies 25-55 converse, bond and network. Single On A Saturday Night made its television debut March 2012 on WWSI TV Telemundo.  Since everyone has been single at some point in their life, the show is for everyone, regardless of relationship status, its "Talk Therapy."  (SOSN) show airs every Weds 10:30pm on Comcast 66 and Verizon 29 in the Philadelphia Area and streams simultaneously on   

SOSN is a show that caters to the needs of the single’s community through building healthy relationships.   Currently in its fifth season SOSN remains committed to providing intriguing yet entertaining content that helps people excel personally, spiritually, emotionally and economically. 

Event Highlights:  4th Saturday Karaoke/Day Party & Talk Show Taping

The show is filmed every 4th Saturday at TGIFridays 4000 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA. The intention and focus of The “Single On A Saturday Night” Singles Lunch & Mingle is to allow women and men to share and express their true feelings on relationships, dating, spirituality, sexuality in a fun and innovative way.  Saturday Singles mix and mingle, share a toast and listen to their great conversations. Our goal is for singles to make new friends, eat, drink, laugh and have intriguing conversations for the television cameras!

Target demographic is women and men ages 25+ that are single from various backgrounds, all shapes, sizes, race and religion all with a common bond of being Single On A Saturday Night! There are 99.6 million unmarried people over age 18 in the U.S., representing nearly 44% of the adult population. U.S. Census Bureau.


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Multi – City Tour

Executive Producer/Host Shelly Shell Williams is taking SOSN on the road.  The multi-city tour dubbed “The Pursuit of Love” tour will be held in various venues across the country.   The Road Show will feature a panel of prominent influencers in each area. Tour dates will be listed on our website. Your brand could be the title sponsor of the tour.  This will give you Multi – Platform Sponsorship Airtime, Event Sponsorship, Social and more. If you are interested in collaborating or hosting a show in your area or have any questions, please e-mail