We creatively integrate your brand into the content of our TV show.  With over 10 years of experience working alongside our production partners, real-life products/brands are promoted seamlessly into our engaging shows making it realistic as well as creating targeted exposure for business to highly engaged audiences. 

Product Placement offers a non-traditional marketing opportunity.  Products are showcased within the shows format making it more relatable to viewers and in turn, providing inspiration or in some cases, validation for purchase choices. It’s the best form of word of mouth we subtly let people visually our cast interacting with your brand.  To really make your brand stick in the minds of the viewers, it’s best to make product placement part of an overall marketing mix.    

Our branded integration message delivers marketing messages in ways that are seamlessly integrated into the content of the show, enhancing the view experience.  We deliver authentic and impactful messages using the show’s dynamic talent.  Every branded integration message we produce is accountable, ensuring viewer engagement and our live audience will see and hear your brands message.

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Product Placement
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