Shelly Shell Williams is considered a Serial Entrepreneur with experience in a multitude of areas and has been described by many business associates and friends as Philly’s O.P.R.A.H.  Shelly Shell is relentless in pursuing the gifts that are embedded deep within her soul.

Philly’s O.P.R.A.H. services include:
(O)nline Video Marketing for Social Media
(P)roducer of TV & Media Content
(R)esource Agency For TV Talent 
(A)dvertising Sales For TV
(H)ost & Speaker

(P)roducer of TV & Media Content

 Shelly Williams is President & CEO of X-pressions, Incorporated, which is a nonprofit media training program.  She is also an award winning Executive Producer of Single on a Saturday Night Talk Show (SOSN) which airs every Wednesday on Comcast and Verizon in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and streams simultaneously on   SOSN is a show that caters to the needs of the single’s community through building healthy relationships.  Single On a Saturday Night Talk Show made its television debut March 2012 and it’s a Dating and Relationship Talk Show for Singles & Couples of all Ages!   

Shelly is most known for hosting the segment “Word On The Street” on Urban X-pressions but what most people don’t know she is one of the Executive Producers of Urban X-pressions, three time Billboard award winning  and the longest running video show in Philadelphia Broadcast history featuring music video, celebrity guests, and community leaders.

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