Meet The Hosts


Which Host Are You Most Like?

What’s your personality? Are you quiet, exuberant, love the party life, or to crawl up with a good book? See which one is more like your BFF?  Your Sister? Your Brother?  Your sure to love one if not all of the Single On A Saturday Night Family. 


Danyl S. Patterson

Danyl Patterson has been a Co-host on Single On A Saturday Night since 2012 and the Principle Owner of Patterson Law Firm, LLC. a full service general practice law firm, with special emphasis placed upon auto accidents, slip & falls & more.

Shelly Shell Williams

Host & Executive Producer of Single On A Saturday Night Talk Show (SOSN) Shelly Shell Williams is considered a Serial Entrepreneur with experience in a multitude of areas and has been described by many business associates and friends as Philly’s O.P.R.A.H.

Jay Doran

Jay Doran is the newest Co-host of Single On A Saturday Night. His first show was August 2016 and he will serve as a rotating host. He is an entrepreneur , motivational speaker , real estate investor , mentor , people lover , giver, woo!

Dr. Dave Pulley

This doctor is in — he has a doctorate in clinical psychology with a concentration in marriage and family therapy. That’s a long way of saying that he helps people find and stay in loving relationships. A co-host of "Single on a Saturday Night" ), Pulley describes himself as a spiritual guy who “believes in the power of love.”

Roberto Lopez

Roberto Lopez, your Puerto Rican persuasion, who adorns the stage of SOSN as one of the co-host, since September 2012. I fully enjoy life albeit as a spectator and or participant. My most important role is that of father to five.

David Scott

David Scott has been one of the hosts of Single On A Saturday Night since August 2012. David Scott is currently a professor at Harcum College in the Human Services and Sociology department. Click the link below to read more.

Niki Felts

Niki Felts, MHA - Relationship Expert & Author of Explore Express Expand - by Niki Felts. Ex Ex Ex is a self help book on recreational sex. Niki Felts serves as the Relationship Expert on Single On A Saturday Night since 2012.


Malisha G. Cheatham has been a Co-host of Single On A Saturday Night since it’s inception January 2012. Malisha Cheatham is a proud single mother of one son who is an aspiring pastry chef. She is fun loving and somewhat shy at times.


Fiona L. Malloy has been a rotating Co-host of Single On A Saturday Night since October 2015. Fiona Malloy, native of Scotland, has a unique singing style and voice. Her sultry country / folk lore style voice creates an electrifying sound.

Meet The SOSN Family

Christoper Dion

Dion Christopher is a singer Actor/Singer/Producer from Trenton, New Jersey. Educated at Upsala College, East Orange, New Jersey majoring in Coummunication and Computer Science. Chris offers the married perspective to relationships as he shared on Single On A Saturday Night from 2012-2014.

Tameka McClamy

Tameka Mcclamy is who I am. To some I'm known as a SOSN first. I set the tone for others. I'm a core member since inception and long time friend of its creator. A retired Nurse that enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying life to the fullest.

Tastee Tamara

Tamara Wiggins-Williams, came to SOSN 4 years ago, a single mother to 2 daughter's and 1 grandson. A Health care provider, thinking that being over 40yrs. young and celibate for 41/2yrs., marriage wasn't in the cards for her.


I’m Evelyn Harvey a core member since the first season. I bring diversity to the group by way of a mature insight. A retired paralegal, IT specialist that showcases that being single isn't the end of life. I'm content with my singleness.


Davina is a rotating member of the SOSN family. Davina Lloyd is a career oriented business woman, entrepreneur and devout Christian that believes in inspiring others through education and empowerment. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Biblical Studies from Eastern University,

DJ Smoove

The Most Entertaining & Engaging DJ on the Planet

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