This doctor is in — he has a doctorate in clinical psychology with a concentration in marriage and family therapy. That’s a long way of saying that he helps people find and stay in loving relationships. A co-host of "Single on a Saturday Night" (10:30 p.m. Wednesdays on Comcast 66, Verizon 29), Pulley describes himself as a spiritual guy who “believes in the power of love.” What’s all this mean for Pulley’s dating life? When you find out, let us know!

Dr. David Pulley is from Philadelphia PA., ("West Philadelphia born and raised") and has been dedicated and devoted to making a difference in people's lives since childhood.  At first he wanted to be an Obstetrician in order to follow in the footsteps of a well known role model.  He soon realized that he had a knack for helping people; particularly those within his family and social circles.  He always enjoyed listening to others and providing helpful insights.  From these realizations he made a choice to follow the path of Psychology. 

David now has his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. He decided to turn some of his professional training, experiences and philosophies into a business that draws on principles of social psychology and cognitive/affective psychology in order to improve marketing strategies for businesses and individuals. Diamonds In The Rough Consulting specializes in brand awareness, client acquisition, public relations, and developing creative and unique events that assist with marketing initiatives.

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